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Renewing the fleet repressor: riot police buy new armored vehicle


An armored vehicle, riot and a water release, the National Police yesterday customs clearance of port facilities and was immediately taken to Tegucigalpa. 

Ford unit with a diesel engine 750, zero miles, left yesterday at about four o'clock in the afternoon of the 4th to hold the officer's command Perdomo, who was instructed to take you covered with a blue awning to pass unnoticed in the route. 

It was reported that the cost of this unit is between 10 and 12 million Lempiras and properly equipped to break up demonstrations with powerful jets of water combined with some chemicals. 

Also has a solid metal front bumper to remove obstacles from the public highway. 

Official TIME learned that the modern riot truck weighs 16 tons with a pressurized water cannon over 7,500 liters, which means that the water pressure can kick out anyone who receives the stream directly. 

The vehicle has an indelible spray dial, which allows 48 hours to people who receive the water in the riots or scenarios to be assigned. 

It also has video cameras to record the participants in the riots, and a total armor, bulletproof tires and hydraulic cutters anti-barricades, that is properly prepared for the repression in these times of crisis. 
Official Time [see note]

ECOS AGAINST COUP IN HONDURAS The media war's weapons and technology


By: Sirius Quintero

Continuing the series of events and forums on the Latin American reality by the Forum for reflection and criticism "Pensamiento Latino" - University of Tuebingen, on Thursday 19 November, focused attention on Honduras. The Venezuelan leader Sirius Quintero made a lecture about the coup in Honduras, highlighting the use of social mass media as a weapon of concealment of human rights violations and implementing the most advanced techniques of torture ultra -sonic or chemical weapons against the population and unusually against an embassy, the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa where he has refugee Constitutional President Manuel Zelaya.

This conference aimed to provide network elements to strengthen international support for the popular American organization processes to subvert the existing order of domination, especially in Honduras, as well as means of reflection to break stereotype institutionalized policy-makers as a fad or as a typical experience of a proper juvenile stage or who have not taken responsibility "major" in the established social structure, noting that the liberation movement in Latin American continues its advance despite many unbelievers and academically domesticated say that it is still early to offer an open and unconditional support.


The denunciation of the atrocities committed by the insurgents against a defenseless people, ahead of the evidence desagarradoras on the suffering of the Honduran people, became a cause for reflection on the notion of politics that could take someone observing this terrible situation, taking axle question to what extent radical difference of opinion justifies ending the life of a human being? The underlying idea is to investigate if any difference of opinion or political bias could serve as a reason justifying attempt or take the life of another human being. This account is aimed at questioning the legitimacy of certain social structures as respected or not the right to life.Different Latin American contexts serve to elucidate this question. The case of the Coup in Honduras is provided to illustrate a response according to the moral choice has been taken and the degree of sensitivity of conscience against the harshness of the facts, beyond the European context, Latin American, Middle Eastern and above the social class to which it belongs.

Based on the facts of gorillas in Honduras are an answer: The coup that accompany Micheletti dictator actually believe that the political difference is a reason to end life, although its double standards refuse to submit his hiding spot by the veil media, applying the closure and censorship national communications, in addition to the accessory use of the organization of business media coup, beginning with those grouped in the IAPA worldwide.In Honduras there is media terrorism as a weapon used by the insurgents to hide the genocide, rape, disappearances and tend biased information against the legitimate protests of the Honduran people. As if that were not enough now comes a new element coupled with the art of diplomacy coup: The use of electronic weapons "non-lethal" while buying time to consolidate power by force assaulted. This strategy was also reported by submitting a dossier on the use of sonic weapons combined with the release of chemical compounds against the population, and their use for the siege of sovereign territory of diplomatic missions.


The memory of the historical roots of the liberation movements serves to explain the imperial reaction of small countries, so the exposure on the Coup in Honduras is best understood based on contextualization looking at reviewing the past and present. Over the past is worth highlighting the genesis of Latin American emancipation movements initiated by Haiti, the Bolivarian inspiration fleeting independence of the State of Florida and the resistance offered by the State of Rodes Island and Providence to join the American Union, with the first to declare itself independent and the last to agree to be governed by a constitution of others. These three strains Inspirational independence initiatives form a kind of mirror that reflects the current reality in Haiti and also explains the imperialist onslaught against the liberation movements in Latin America beginning with Honduras: That they are not consolidated or impregnate social organizations within the own U.S. territory.

Fear before the imperialist political movement of liberation led by Jean Bertrand Aristide in Haiti was the reason for the USA with France to coordinate the assault on power. It seems absurd that a tiny piece of landas Haiti represent an interest to Americans. Yet here is not 'land area' but of 'source of inspiration' constant emancipation initiatives that could 'contaminate' the American people. Yes, this is the reason why Americans in 2004 kidnapped the democratically elected first Constitutional President Jean Bertrand Aristide, was placed in South Africa and presented a false resignation to take charge of mass media to spread.

Haiti is a valid name because there happened something like the fact that Americans in Honduras today. The historic alliance with the Haitian independence movement and Bolivarian mirandino and its historic rebirth this is an issue that Americans can not forgive this glorious people. The obvious question whether a political difference is worth endangering the life of a human being is answered by imperialism with a bloody and oppressive 'yes', so today we witness the continuing massacres in Haiti and continue to witness the poverty and starvation imposed on its people, simply because the Haitians decided to support a project of political and social liberation to help them improve their living conditions.

The Bolivarian inspiration to liberation efforts in the Americas already had its antecedents in the same U.S. borders, when reliving episodes of Miranda, the Liberator Simón Bolívar ordered his armies engage in battle that enabled the people to the declaration of independence "Republic of Florida" (1817), whose territory was previously in possession of the power of the time, Spain, which then partnered with the U.S. to invade, making a sales transaction on a separate homeland and accused of pirates, bandits or rebels to the members of his government. Under the supposed need to debug that territory, the Americans were annexed by the invading force to the present territory of Florida. Again lends this passage of history to show that for a political difference were massacred people, without that they represent a military threat.

Similar to what happened with the Republic of Florida, to the north side of the Atlantic, came to the state Rhode Island (U.S. State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations), the first to declare its independence from the British (1776), latest ratify its accession to the Confedración American (1790) and that drafted a constitution by popular referendum (1842). This was a state where Indians were massacred and where they traded in slaves. The revolt of the settlers was not extinguished by force of arms. Today is the state's most liberal U.S. territory. It is no accident that it is one of the most repressed media and where the aristocracy has turned its attention to keep it under control. This kind of latent initiatives as expressed in its irreducible background of rebellion in their own territory and whose remnants survive today, he fears American power because they can 'pollute' the majority of Afro-Latinos. Emparientan Such initiatives with that "wick Bolivarian" from the time of independence in this revived by the transformation movement led by the Bolivarian Revolution.

The same "fuse revolutionary" who has revived the revolutionary fire was put into Latin America from Venezuela, prompting the Bolivarian Socialism in Bolivia and Ecuador, continue to drive initiatives to subvert the structures of injustice in the short cut in the Americas, building alliances platform for an economy of solidarity and subsidiary, one of whose expressions of Institutional is ALBA, aims to destroy the Americans, which also belongs Honduras.


From the perspective of imperialism, Honduras still in the United States border could have been a bad example to many African social movements in Latin American territory, considering that the population will be Hispanic-speaking majority, it seems reasonable, according to the canons imperialist , an outbreak of 'contamination' from Honduras, may be cause for the American people themselves rise up against government elites. According to this logic of domination, could even be the case that emancipation initiatives are stronger than the effects soporific drug, which the State Americans intentionally marketed to weaken the will of its own citizens,yes ... circumstances may arise that the effects of chemical drugs distributed to maintain mental control of the population are overcome by the ideas of emancipation similar to those from the south of the border, such as Honduras and even below.

For the greedy Americans, the arrival of Manuel Zelaya to power was not a surprise. But what was its gradual approach toward the public outcry, to the point of welcoming the idea of merging the structures of the State of Honduras, by convening a "constitutional" promoted by popular movements and associations Hondurans, similar to what happened in other Latin American countries.

With the intention to push the actual degree of popular awareness and acceptance about the possibility of placing fourth ballot in the upcoming presidential elections on 29 November 2009, Zelaya wanted to perform a search of non-binding opinion and established on 28 June 2009 as day for such consultation. Immediately the spheres of power in the United States activated the mechanisms of coordination with the internal oligarchic powers to oust him (See View an approximate reconstruction of: v1/index.php? option = com_ content & view = article & id = 2522: some-details-on-the - blow-by-state-to-zelaya -president-of-Honduras & catid = 2: opinion).

The real policy of realpolitik-Americans made them 'think': could not afford to make another mistake as what happened to Venezuela, where they acquired the barrel of oil leaving only a dollar of profit to the state, without paying taxes. Nor could they make the mistake as in Bolivia where they are the largest gas reserves in the continent, much less be humiliated by a country like Ecuador, where it came from a president who was contaminated by this "red wick emancipatory, who was terminated the agreement of the U.S. military base in Manta.

For the empire, the 'masters of the world', the continuation of such emancipatory ideas is unacceptable, especially telling that until 2008 at least 865 military bases were operational in 40 countries, the Report of the "White Paper on Air Command United States (Global En Route Strategy) "should not make the mistake again of 'forgotten' in Latin America, as did Mr. Bush for going to invade Iraq, so Obama announced in his speeches that would provide ' more attention 'to Latin America: Yes .. we can now see his first expressions on the one hand, but effectively hidden by participating in the organization and execution of the coup in Honduras by U.S. military base in Soto Cano, already used before against Nicaragua and the other near the facility seven new military bases in Colombia.

According to these arguments had to remove the President Zelaya of Honduras political scene. The calculation of the organizers of the coup was to take power Zelaya by abduction, to select a country 'neutral' as Costa Rica, although eternal ally of the Americans, then expect Zelaya fell into the trap of seeking asylum with which would lose their status as constitutional president, after which Congress would have the legal authority to appoint any representative of the interests of the coup.

The new situation created by the disruption of democracy in Honduras fits perfectly in the line of reflection is raised if any legitimate end the life of a human by a difference of political persuasion. Indeed, the attempt murder suffered by President Zelaya, days before his abduction, and to foresee the response of the gorillas come into power, headed by Roberto Micheletti and military Vazques Romeo Velasquez, because once you read the Honduran Congress a purported letter of resignation with the forged signature of the Constitutional President Manuel Zelaya, immediately launched a genocide against the people up in struggle to defend democracy, after the goal of remaking of the state through the formation of a Constituent Assembly.

Following this incident may be noted that the motto of the fascists was precisely to end the life of someone who does not agree with the undemocratic attitude of breaking the Honduran Constitution, nor the pro-coup alliance accomplice Superior Electoral Court, Congress dominated by the National Right and the Supreme Court, all organs infiltrated by sheets of hegemonic power, sectarian and unscrupulous Honduran elite. The coup leader, utilizing the support of the Obama administration, are so sure that they have dared to mock UN resolutions, the OAS, MERCOSUR, ALBA, SICA, UNASUR, EU.


The coup Hondurans, remained in that class of individuals for whom it is legitimate to end the life of any human being because of political differences, they use two instruments to conceal their crimes: They use the media weapon to promote himself to the world as the ' white soul 'and resort to "subtle" collective torture and targeted assassinations of leaders of social movements.

A look at videos of the news about the coup to appreciate amazing parallels between the behavior of the means of mass mis-information in Honduras and Venezuela. While committing murders and homes are invaded by the repressive forces of the coup, the means of communication in-oligarchic cartoon show and talk about the calm after the arrival to power of the 'new democrats'. While innocents die at the hands of death squads, mass media in the service of the oligarchs send messages of national reconciliation, while blood flows in the skin of women raped and tortured bodies of men by cowards hiding behind the masks or darkness, the mass media representatives reported the voice of the elite offering statements about the danger of restoring the constitutional order by the return of President Zelaya of the Presidential Palace.

But those who assume power and concentrate it around themselves forget that many eyes are vigilant and eventually mounted the charade of legitimacy will crumble under the weight of the facts, as happened with the reading of an alleged resignation of Zelaya, which was denied almost simultaneously through half broken multinational media hegemony. Yes, President Zelaya spoke for clarifying that Telesur had never relinquished.

This farce falls were also the oligarchy, which by contrast, are responsible for silencing journalists who do not follow their line of complicity with the oppressors. That farce is seen in a video summary prepared by Patria Grande - the newspaper of ALBA, in its Report PG "The SIP"( = node/19494). The oligarchy has its torturers and murderers for hire, which execute their orders without any regard.Recent victims include in the numerous international a journalist in Ecuador Telesur, a TV journalist of Avila by extreme Venezuelan opposition, an alternative journalist victim of violence the opposition in Venezuela. They have the alleged crime to tell the truth. Just the same 'crime' committed by the Telesur correspondent in Honduras, which were hit by the army, while the Inter American Press Association conducted their meeting in Caracas protesting "against freedom of expression in Venezuela", an occasion on which some journalists I made inquiries about the reason for which the SIP was not going to Honduras to perform and meet him there protesting the closure channels and media that were being closed only to show the facts, as occurred during the coup. Their sin was that the media honest, committed to struggles for social claim, attempt to "normalize", "lead to acceptance, to the passivity and the destruction of the mind to assume by natural death, terror and the violence of the coup regime.

This is to draw attention to the use of mass media as a weapon to destroy the conscience, to weaken the ability to numb the rational and critical thinking. The mass media are an effective weapon in Italy as someone who has been brought to court on several occasions, but that is media magnate, Berlusconi has come to power, supplanting the power of political ideals or as leading life projects groups. Something similar to what the mass media in Honduras, to serve the promotion of the election campaign that advance the coup, leaving no opportunity for any candidate from social protests. A reference is bound to a memorable book, which is decided on that issue: Homo Videns - Society remote control, Giovanni Satori (1996).

Parallel to the use of media weapons, the insurgents rely on the most advanced weapons technology of torture and neuro-toxic agents displaying prominent government advice for having committed the most heinous genocides in recent years, apart from the States U.S.: Israel and Colombia, the only governments to recognize the coup Micheletti Honduran president.It is no coincidence that weapons of ultra-sonic torture come from Israeli companies and Colombian paramilitary troops have been moved to Honduras.

Due to international pressure to stop the assault was achieved at the Brazilian embassy, however this did not prevent the insurgents from both core strategies of mind control and torture continued through long-range acoustic devices-LRAD its acronym in English-as the release of neuro-toxic agents to the seat of the diplomatic mission, causing temporary state of unconsciousness, fainting, breathing difficulties, bleeding in the airways, ruptured eardrums bleeding from the ears, chronic exhaustion and nausea.Proceeds of such weapons killed a 17 years. The video-synthesis developed by Patria Grande - the newspaper of ALBA, in its Report PG "A Farewell to Arms?" (Http:// = node/19495) presents the consequences of using this new generation of weapons "non-lethal" also against the defenseless civilian population.

The coup to attack a sovereign territory as an embassy, also served as a clue to infer the degree of confidence and impunity with which the insurgents operate from the rear feeling supported by the Obama administration, who, if he really had the political will to back the constitutional thread in Honduras, it would have sufficed to have withdrawn its military and ceased trading with the usurper regime.

Once again confirmed the thesis that the torturers in power conceive that the mere difference of opinion or the legitimate political inclination to take the lives of any human being, do not forget that the weapons used to represent media as actors in comedy of honesty, freedom and democracy, including by using technologies of collective extermination which do not leave evidence of their murderous actions.

In the present circumstances we should not forget the sacrifices being made by the Honduran people, do not forget the sacrifice of so many human beings who gave their lives in the struggle for peace, we must not leave them alone because there are thousands among a people who rose with dignity and courage to make justice prevail. Do not forget that we are facing a people who woke up and instead of flinching for each murder, it takes more courage. Do not forget the precedent of the awakening of Latin America, whose painful moments as the Caracazo in 1989 inspired more unity until there emerged a leader who led them to power.

For peace of Honduras, yes, but more for justice and freedom, it is necessary to unite efforts to prevent the continuation of the coup in power carry the people of Honduras to armed struggle. So far the Honduran people have followed the peaceful path, but would have justified reasons for training guerrillas. It is time to stop the coup and to avoid violence and avoid the pain of a people forced to armed struggle, the emergence of a guerrilla however founded on legitimate demands.

The final theme of the conference was: For democracy in Honduras, unite in pursuit of solidarity! It's time to take the side of life! Viva Honduras in struggle! Venceremos!

Repression against the leadership of the Front in several places in Honduras

Saturday November 21, 2009 23:45

Iris Mencia. 20:57 p.m.

Fifteen minutes ago  Radio Globo reported, there is persecution against the leadership of the Front. Freddy Sanchez and Carlos Guzman, have been captured in Jutiapa, Department of El Paraiso, about 30 Kms from Danli.
Both partners are members of CODEH and were detained by police and military.

Another teammate, Ulises Sarmiento was recently shot in Olancho, he had already received death threats the station reported.

Unusual! de facto Regime declares state of national emergency during elections.

.  de facto Regime declares state of national emergency.
the Secretary of Defense may make purchases of materials, equipment and logistical supplies, without bidding,
to ensure a "fair and free from all doubt."

Radio Globo

international observation mission on the human rights situation in Honduras

The OISDHHN answering the call of social organizations and human rights in Honduras this week begin a mission in this country to verify the human rights situation, particularly in the context of the electoral process.

The OISDHHN, as done by the international community, believes that currently there are no conditions for the exercise of political rights in Honduras, so concerned about developments that may arise to suppress a large segment of the population that opposes the coup d'etat and to that election. Accordingly, and following up on previous missions, representatives of CEJIL, FIAN International, the International Human Rights Federation (FIDH) and the Copenhagen Initiative for Central America and Mexico (CIFCA) participate in various meetings with civil society organizations, victims of human rights violations and some state authorities.

The Democratic Charter establishes that "the promotion and protection of human rights is a fundamental condition for the existence of a democratic society", so the OISDHHN remember, as we established the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, which the current regime facto has an obligation to ensure human rights fully, including that it must respect the rights of the population have mobilized or speak out against these elections.

The Center shall issue a report of this mission to the United Nations Organization (UNO), the Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union (EU), are also issued recommendations to the authorities and civil society in Honduras.
Note Hondurasenresistencia [see note]

Bodies and repressive "security" of the State Great start disarming before Election Fraud

Tegucigalpa, 23 nov (EFE) .- The security forces of Honduras launched today a national disarmament operation in order to ensure the repression in the elections next Sunday, the National Police.

The disarmament "has already begun," said police spokesman Efe Orlin Cerrato, who recalled that the de facto president, Roberto Micheletti, the measure ordered by a decree issued by the Council of Ministers on Thursday.

Police, with support from the military, run the disarmament within the framework of maintaining surveillance on the occasion of elections throughout the country.

The patrols may operate in public transport vehicles, roadblocks and other places to carry out disarmament.

"A person to whom during the operation is carrying a weapon will be confiscated," said Cerrato, adding that it also may be seized or sharp edged weapons, among others.

He commented that it is preferable that those do not carry weapons to prevent them being seized and recalled that the decree states that will be returned to their owners those who are legally registered.

Disarmament will end in "the early days of December if that's convenient," said on Friday the Minister of the Presidency, Rafael Pineda, who explained that the measure was taken "so that during this stage can move with confidence" ( and suppress more easily).

Alert: De facto Government prepares repression in the preamble of illegitimate elections

The Committee of Relatives of Detained and Disappeared in Honduras (COFADEH), the national and international community is concerned about the deteriorating human rights situation in Honduras that every day deepens and acquires new overtones.
The new wave of death threats, political persecution, illegal detention, torture, militarization of some sectors of major cities and the incursion of unmarked cars with tinted windows conducted by heavily armed men, their faces covered with ski masks in the barrios and colonias identified with the resistance against the coup declared free of political propaganda, coupled with gathering information from the leaders of organized resistance by political and military.

Repressive atmosphere of uncertainty, reinforced with the job delivered on November 16, 2009 by the Undersecretary of Network Services of the Ministry of Public Health ordered to prepare a Contingency Plan for coverage of health services, twenty-four hours, apply from November 19 to 04th December 2009. According to the official letter No. 1055-09-SSRDS, the Plan should include, High Advance without jeopardizing the health of patients, selective rescheduling surgeries and ask these dates include the provision of medicines and medical supplies for the plan.

Measures that appear to be related to the conduct of illegitimate elections next November 29, structured in an unusual manner that reflects the militarization and paramilitarization expressed in the incorporation of the military reserve to assist the armed forces in guarding the polling stations it already had with 16,000 troops and 14,000 police officers.

In the western departments of the country's reservist army distributed flyers to intimidate the population in resistance, in which offenders qualify irrational members of the resistance, and dismiss the marches and defining them as inhumane ways plants and people unfit civilized, as did the communists in the eighties.

Military control is progressing and is ratified, as long as the authorities face jester Golpistas announces a strategic napping on 25 November to 02 December. Security forces are equipped with new tools of repression, a fully armored vehicle was added to the Ministry of Security to disperse demonstrations, anti-riot unit is equipped with cameras rolling, and a water cannon with great ability in pressure force as well as a mechanism to mark for 48 hours to receive a discharge of water. While the Armed Forces have started selective records in the nation's roads, while the incursion of aircraft in the departments of the Atlantic region of Honduras.

The structures manifests Cofadeh Protection of Human Rights and the international community concerned about the safety of social activists who fight for the restoration of democratic order.

The Cofadeh asks the international community to stay alert on the situation of human rights and require the State of Honduras to guarantee the life and integrity of the Honduran population and foreigners living in the country.

Of Acts and the perpetrators
Ni Olvido Ni forgiveness

Tegucigalpa, MDC, 21 November 2009.
Date: 23/11/2009

Lula suggested postponing the elections USA did not accept


SAN PABLO, 24 (UPI) - The United States rejected a proposal by Brazil to postpone for two weeks Honduras presidential election next Sunday to press for the return to power of ousted president Manuel Zelaya, stay at the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, reported local press today. 

The offer was made on Tuesday October 17 by the Under Secretary for Political Affairs of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, Vera Machado, his American colleague, Richard Burns, in Washington, reported on its front page newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo. 

"The idea of the Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim was postponing the elections for which supporters of President Zelaya and de facto, Roberto Michelleti, reached an agreement to reinstate Zelaya in power. The United States did nothing about it because not considered viable option, "wrote the paper based on diplomatic sources. 

Moreover, the paper highlights a "Brazilian anger because of the position of Peru and Colombia to recognize Sunday's elections in Honduras. 

U.S. sources quoted by the newspaper show that in the event that Mexico recognize the election as U.S. pushes "there will be a great divide in the region." 

On the one hand, the source said, would the United States, Colombia, Peru, Canada and Mexico recognize the elections. Washington defended the conduct of elections in Honduras on Monday at a meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS). (ANSA). MRZ

Ban Ki-Moon warns about situation in Honduras

United Nations, Nov 24 (Prensa Latina) UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon today expressed concern at the continuing political crisis in Honduras a few days before the announced elections.

The UN chief has supported a consensus solution to the conflict in this Central American country, declared its official spokesperson Michele Montas.

In response to a question from Prensa Latina, the spokeswoman expressed concern Ban Ki-Moon for the elections next Sunday in Honduras "without the consensus and with many divided opinions in the region."

The Secretary General is closely following the situation in close consultation with other regional, Montas added.

The head of the UN had not ruled on the crisis in Honduras since late October, when he greeted the now failed constitutional agreement between President Jose Manuel Zelaya and the coup regime which ousted him on June 28.

For Ban Ki-Moon was an important step on the path toward full restoration of democracy and constitutional order.

That understanding was central axis restitution in the power of the deposed president, but with the consent of Congress, which never took place and caused the breakdown of the agreement made by Zelaya.

Earlier, the leader of the UN repeatedly condemned the coup and backed a resolution passed in July by the General Assembly to reject the failed coup of June 28.

This text repudiated the interruption of democratic and constitutional order and the legitimate exercise of power in Honduras and demanded the immediate and unconditional restoration of constitutional government.

He also called on all States not to recognize any other regime than the de Zelaya


The regional team monitoring and analysis of the situation of human rights and conflict in Central America is an initiative of eight organizations with recognized experience in the defense and promotion of human rights in the region. This team works annually a report on the status of Human Rights in Central and advocacy actions generated at the Inter-American Human Rights, United Nations, Organization of American States, Central American Parliament and the Central American Integration System.

Subsequent to the breakdown of constitutional order in Honduras, the two organizations regional team members in this country, and CODEH CIPRODEH, triggered a call for a mission of the team prior to the elections scheduled for November 29 verify the conditions in respect of guarantees and protection of human rights in this electoral event. A delegation of the team joined the mission, which visited Honduras from 15 to 19 November.

This report is the result of the findings gathered by the mission during their stay in Honduras. We interviewed different social actors, state and international institutions in order to collect their views and concerns facing elections next November 29. Proceeds from the observation, they have developed an analysis of context and a map of the possible scenarios in the short term visible reality Honduran human rights or how these scenarios might affect your respect and guarantee.

.................................................. .

"There is a systematic blockade of information," Article 19

"International public opinion should know the state of uncertainty that is developing everyday life and the exercise of freedom of speech in this country.There is a systematic blockade of the information is coming out, it is important to know how vulnerable they are in many people. "
Impressions were poured into the digital newspaper, by Ricardo Gonzalez Bernal, Program Officer for Protection of Freedom of Expression of the organization Article 19, after entrvistarse with the General Coordinator of the Committee of Relatives of Detained and Disappeared in Honduras (Cofadeh) at the headquarters of the human rights organization.
From the standpoint of freedom of expression said "yes journalism and free speech is being violated by a number of fronts, primarily by de facto government enacted decrees that are completely illegitimate and unnecessary to restrict this human right there are also risks of physical integrity, personal and legal persons exercising this right, mainly those that are opposed to the regime. "
On the role of media in the context of the political crisis generated by the coup, Gonzales said that if there is something you have to suffer all the commercial media is precisely the lack of objective and reliable.
"It has definitely been a report that has been being mixed with editorial opinions, including personal opinions and that is abusing the right of society to be informed, which is basic if it is intended to develop an election process," he said.
There are no conditions for free and fair elections
Facing the electoral process widely promulgated by the de facto government to whiten the coup, "Gonzales said from our point of view there are no conditions for free elections take place and equitable.
The press has failed and not been allowed to report the information independently, there is no precise information on all these issues are issues decree restrictions on this right and can not be a multilateral discussion, debate, free if you do not have the freedom to express opinions, as guaranteed by international law of human rights, ruled the expert.
In relation to allegations exercised to block satellite channel signal 36 (Cholusat South) says he learned of the events since last Friday when it was reported to the channel interference.
"There are rumors that it was detected the origin of this signal and alleged the prosecution had every intention of correcting it, however this is further evidence of the intentions of maintaining a permanent harassment against media that are critical or who are opposed to the coup, "he said Gonzales.
Concerned about human rights violations
The defender of freedom of expression said that her visit was aimed Cofadeh express his solidarity with the team of the Committee of Relatives of Detained and Disappeared in Honduras (Cofadeh).
Because "it is very important for the work they have been developing as a center for human rights and we consider it of utmost importance not only for the information you are offering but by the work of defending victims of human rights violations." Gonzales told that according to information provided has been corroborated that the policy of de facto government repression has been increasing and the situation faced by defenders of human rights is extremely difficult.
"For us it is very important that you are carrying out their work safely and with all the facilities granted to them by international law of human rights," he said.
Gonzales added that according to the statement made by Bertha Oliva, General Coordinator of Cofadeh "corroborate the situation, our deep concern over the human rights situation in general, particularly for certain groups such as teachers, advocates and defenders of human rights and within itself all dissenting voices, the voices critical of the government de facto. "
On the role of media in the context of the political crisis generated by the coup, Gonzales said that if there is something you have to suffer all the commercial media is precisely the lack of objective and reliable.
"It has definitely been a report that has been being mixed with editorial opinions, including personal opinions and that is abusing the right of society to be informed, which is basic if it is intended to develop an election process," he said.
Facing the electoral process widely promulgated by the de facto government to whiten the coup, "Gonzales said from our point of view there are no conditions for free elections take place and equitable.
The press has failed and not been allowed to report the information independently, there is no precise information on all these issues are issues decree restrictions on this right and can not be a multilateral discussion, debate, free if you do not have the freedom to express opinions, as guaranteed by international law of human rights.
In relation to allegations of embargo imposed to the signal channel 36 (Cholusat South) says he learned of the events since last Friday when it was reported to the channel interference.
"There are rumors that it was detected the origin of this signal and alleged the prosecution had every intention of correcting it, however this is further evidence of the intentions of maintaining a permanent harassment against media that are critical or who are opposed to the coup.
Ricardo Gonzales finally announced that Article 19 has been kept informed of the situation prevailing in Honduras both the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and the Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression, United Nations ( A) and all the members of the IACHR.
"International public opinion should know the state of uncertainty that is developing everyday life and the exercise of freedom of speech in this country. There is a systematic blockade of the information is coming out, it is important to know the degree of vulnerability in which there are many people, "said Gonzales.
Article 19 is an international human rights organization that for 20 years has been focused in defending and promoting the right to freedom of expression around the world.
The name derives from Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes the right not only to express but also to receive information, opinions and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers.
To inquire about the status of freedom of expression and press freedom have been for some weeks in Honduras, apart from Article 19, representatives of Reporters Without Borders, Argentine Association of Journalistic Entities, International Media Support in Denmark, the World Institute Newspapers based in Paris, France, the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) based in Canada and Free Boys of Holland, among others.

Golpistas force Public Employees to attend Elvin Santos closing Campaign



A Charter which was issued to public employees to attend the final campaign of the Liberal party last Sunday 22 November by an internal memorandum by Marco Tulio Flores.