Sunday, November 21, 2010

Terrorism Act: a threat to the National Resistance Front

The law was passed in the middle of the night, without it being known by any organization.
Red Morazánica de Información
Tegucigalpa November 19, 2010. The approval of a "Terrorism Act", by the National Congress CN, is a direct threat to the National Front of Popular Resistance FNRP, and must "be one of the main things of concern to the Front" considered the lawyer Jari Dixon Herrera, member of the political organization created after the coup against Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

The former public prosecutor said the approval of this law carries a dedication  against the FNRP, "first because there are no terrorist acts in  Honduras, second, it must be remembered that the current Security Minister Oscar Alvarez said when he took possession that the National Resistance Front had to be disappeared. "

The lawyer believes that the aim to pass this bill  is to dissolve the resistance movement, since by that law " the National Resistance Front of People is being listed as terrorist."

Last night and during early Friday, Congress passed the "Terrorism Act", but by no means transcended the content of that law.

The law is a proposal by the Minister of Security of Porfirio Lobo Sosa, Oscar Alvarez. The official is the nephew of General Gustavo Alvarez Martinez, responsible for the enforced disappearance of dozens of Hondurans during the 80's.
According to statements published by the newspaper La Prensa, attributed to the deputy of the Christian Democrats, Agusto Cruz Asensio, said "the measure is taken just because of the seizure of dollars that have occurred in recent months, the forfeiture of aircraft and other actions which in no share resemblance to the popular protests, as it could be interpreted", a statement that could be interpreted against the  FNRP.
According to the media, "in the Act  nongovernmental organizations, NGOs are obliged to report to the state any gift, donation or support superior to two thousand dollars, as well as vehicles or equipment, in order to regulate any activity that may have a different purpose. "
Herrera believes that  dialogue with the government of Lobo Sosa shouldn't be held, for he believes it is an illegal government that the people should make use of article three which establishes the constitutional right to insurrection.

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