Sunday, November 21, 2010

Colombian police 'training' Honduras forces

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FRIDAY, 12 NOVEMBER 2010 11:47
Honduras' special investigation services (DNSEI) announced Friday that Colombian police are only in the country to train their Honduran counterparts, and are not participating in any operations, reports El Heraldo.
The announcement was made in response to speculation that the Colombian forces were present in Honduras to directly assist police missions.  A Honduran official said the Colombians are there to provide "technical and educations, not operative" support.
The training sessions for members of the DNSEI, as well as other Honduran police authorities, will reportedly last several weeks.
Colombian Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera told El Pais on Wednesday that the police were in Honduras as part of a cooperation agreement that exists between Colombia and 13 other countries. Rivera also said that Colombian forces had helped in the rescue of Mario Filiberto Lobo Moya, cousin of Honduras President Porfirio Lobo.
In February, Colombia and Honduras signed an agreement to share intelligence on drug trafficking, kidnapping and organized crime.

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