Monday, November 8, 2010

Police repress neighbourhood residents who protest Cardinal's visit

Photo: El Libertador

Two youth detained by police and various people beaten

Tegucigalpa 7 November 2010. Two people detained and various injured by police are the result of a protest against Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodriguez Maradiaga in the Oscar A. Flores neighbourhood of Tegucigalpa, where residents prevented him from officiating a mass, according to residents interviewed on Channel 36.

The police violently attacked a group of people who were protesting their displeasure with the visitor, unleashing tear gas and blows all around, according to television images showing that two young people were taken away, one of them with serious respiratory problems according to relatives.

The television station transmitted images in which the police beat any citizen who came near them, despite the Cardinal already having left the vicinity.

The residents were protesting the visit of the religious official, considered one of the architects of the coup against Manuel Zelaya Rosales on the 28 of June of 2009.

According to what could be observed in the images, the police acted viciously against the individuals opposed to the coup d'état, solely for publicly expressing their discontent.

The Cardinal appeared on radio and television last year announcing a likely "bloodbath" if Manuel Zelaya were to return to the country. He later appeared thanking the military for their "defense of democracy" and celebrating, in advance, the bicentennial anniversary of national independence.

Translated by FOA from
 Policía reprime a vecinos de colonia que protestaban contra el Cardenal

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