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"Terrorism Act" by Oscar Alvarez was approved in closed session

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Tegucigalpa, MDC, Thursday, November 18, 2010 .- At closed door, between Wednesday night and early Thursday, hidden from journalists, media, and especially the people of Honduras, members of the National Congress of Honduras approved the Terrorism Act submitted by the Secretary for Security of the National Party regime of Porfirio "Pepe" Lobo, Oscar Alvarez.

Alvarez presented the Draft of the Anti-Terrorism Act to Congress on the night of November 7, arguing that "funds for subversive groups enter as remittances or through NGOs" and mentioning the threat of drastic sanctions  to the country by UN agencies, which he didn't specify then, if  this legislation was not approved.

The seizures of dollars that have occurred in Honduras in recent months, forfeiture of aircraft and other actions are part of the excuses offered by the few Congressmen who stood up to defend the "Alvarez Law."

Christian democrat Congressman Augusto Cruz Asencio, reported that the Act requires nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to report any donation over two thousand dollars, vehicles or equipment.

From the statements made by Mr Cruz Asencio, it  is known that the law was discussed on the evening of Wednesday 17 until the morning of Thursday 18 November, which contains over 80 articles and through it the aim is  to bring international funding to combat terrorism .
One pro-coup media owned by a firearm dealer has created the fiction of a guerilla in Honduras in Aguán.

A law preceded by massacres
Before the presentation of the draft law by the Secretary of Security Oscar Alvarez, the country was shocked by the slaughter of civilians for no apparent nor rational reason.

On September 17, 18 young workers without any criminal record or apparent links to organizations branded as criminals by the police, were killed while working in an artisan shoe factory in San Pedro Sula.

Nearly a month later, on October 14, another six youths were killed in a residential home located in  Villa Real in a massacre allegedly linked to drug trafficking.

A third slaughter took place on Saturday  October 30, while the 15 victims were witnessing a sporting event in a football field of the Colonia Felipe Zelaya of San Pedro Sula.

After these massacres Minister Alvarez achieved a grant from the business sector worth more than two million Lempiras (U.S. $ 100,000.00) to install 40 surveillance cameras and monitoring in the city of San Pedro Sula
The massacres chase Álvarez
In the last presidential administration of nationalist Ricardo Maduro (2002-2006), being Oscar Alvarez also its Security Minister, the country experienced similar massacres in two major prisons in the country (San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba).

In the Prison Farm in El Porvenir, Atlántida department,  in the month of April 2003 the lives of 69 inmates who allegedly were active in gangs were sacrificed.

The trial courts of the city of La Ceiba condemned this year, seven years after the slaughter, 22 police officers involved in the murder of young prisoners at the prison farm.
The script of Colombian paramilitary imported by Alvarez 

Roger Armando Sosa Iglesias, an army officer in Honduras who participated in the slaughter of El Porvenir prison farm and was sentenced to 31 years in prison, was recently shot dead in front of a business in the city of La Ceiba prison while he was supposed to be in a prison institution.

The second slaughter of young gang members during the Maduro presidency with Alvarez as Secretary for Security, occurred in the prison of San Pedro Sula and in it  104 people were massacred, coincidentally, all gang members.

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